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Resources to help with dinner, meal planning & more!

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Checklists & Templates

Weekly Meal & Prep Planner

Use this step-by-step guide with templates and more to organize your meals and prep for the week.

1-Week Dinner & Prep Plan

Eliminate dinner decision fatigue. Serve 1 meal for the whole family with our done-for-you dinner plan.

Stock Your Pantry Checklist

Use this checklist to always have ingredients on hand to prepare a delicious, homemade meal.

Meal Ideas

Sheet Pan Meals

Easy prep and clean up all in one pan!
Use this round up of one pan meal ideas to inspire next week’s dinner menu.

Snack Board Meal Ideas

More than a snack!
Pile up your favorite snack board and graze your way through your next weeknight meal.

Food Bars

Fun DIY dinner idea for the whole family.
Browse this list of food bar ideas and let everyone customize their own meal.

Leftover Makeovers

Tired of eating leftovers?
Turn last night’s dinner into a completely different meal with this round up of ideas.

Downloads for Kids

Resources to accompany my children’s books, Not A Nugget and Not A Purse

Animal Masks

Print and cut out your favorite animal and read along in character!

Valentine’s Day Cards

Spread the love with these sweet animal notes.

Activity Kits

Explore plant-based eating with these free activity kits for grades K-5.

Grades K-2 Reading & Language Arts

Grades K-5 Nutrition

Grades K-2 Science

Grades 3-5 Reading & Language Arts

Grades 3-5 Science

Podcast Interviews

Plant-based on Fire

Transforming Family Dinners with Vegan Dinner Club

Green Carpet Interviews

Vegan Meal Planning

The Plant-Powered People Podcast

Going Vegan Without Your Family

The No Bull Sh*t Vegan

Meal Prep Myths

The Experiential Table

Turning Your Superpower Into Your Business

Food Heals

Batch Cooking for Busy Moms

Real Food Real Conversations

Vegan in a Non Vegan Household

Mompreneur Guide

Meal Plan Without Losing Your Mind

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