Would you love to prepare homemade dinners

without stress and overwhelm?

Receive our free template and organize your meal and prep for the week in 5 easy steps


What's Cooking

busy lady?


  • Tired of time consuming meal prep?


  • Wish planning meals for your family was easier and quicker?


  • Overwhelmed with how to plan dinner so you’re not rushing at the last minute every night?

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What's inside the planner?

5-Question Self-Assessment

Evaluate your current system and revamp your meal planning and prep routine with this quick questionnaire.

My Exclusive 5-Step System

Learn the ins and outs of my proven meal planning and prep system as I break down the 5 simple steps in easy to follow instructions.

The Weekly Meal & Prep Planner

Use my templates, prompts and step-by-step process to plan your weekly meals and prep.

Hi there,

I'm Stephanie, a meal planning expert who specializes in plant-based cooking and feeding families with mixed dietary needs.

After going vegan overnight more than a decade ago, I spent countless hours in the kitchen struggling to feed myself and non vegan family. My signature system and routine for meal planning and prep transformed by evenings and state of mind – and they will do the same for you!

Stephanie Dreyer

Why You Need This Planner!

  • I use this planner every week for my family and know it works!
  • The 5-Step System walks you through exactly how to create a custom plan for your family.
  • Dinner planning is easier and quicker with the done-for-you worksheets and templates.
  • Take the thinking out of what to cook each night with a plan you create in 5 simple steps. 
  • You’ll create a weekly routine that brings more ease to the dinner rush.
  • Become more efficient in the kitchen so you spend less time to create healthier and more delicious meals.
  • Spend less money at the grocery store when you plan your meals ahead of time.
  • Create a list of go-to dinners that you can rotate into your weekly plan.
  • Cook less and eat more with my proven 5-step system.
  • Enjoy more homemade meals with your family.
  • Create a meal plan that works for your schedule and energy (instead of adding to your workload).
  • Spend less time thinking about and making dinner.
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