Hi, I’m Stephanie!

I believe feeding your family should be joyful, not stressful.

Vegan Dinner Club Founder | Plant-based Meal Planning Expert | Author | Recipe Developer | Content Creator

Stephanie Dreyer is a meal planning expert who specializes in plant-based cooking and feeding families with mixed dietary needs. She is the founder of Vegan Dinner Club, a weekly vegan meal prep membership with options for non vegans so you can feed the whole family with one meal. Stephanie is also the award-winning author of the vegan picture books, Not A Nugget and Not A Purse, and has a featured recipe in The Friendly Vegan Cookbook. Her recipes and meal planning advice have been featured in several publications and online media outlets, including VegNews, Chickpea, MensHealth.com, Parade and Thrive Global.

Stephanie is a mother of three and is a pro at balancing her vegan lifestyle while feeding her omni family, and loves to help other families juggling the daily challenge of making healthy, homemade meals.

Need some help with dinner?

Your meal plan should work for you, not create more work. That’s why I have created dozens of resources and tools to help my community do just that.
Simplify your meal planning with my Weekly Meal & Prep Planner
Eliminate dinner decision fatigue with my done-for-you dinner plan.
Make dinner easier with my Vegan Dinner Club membership
I love collaborating with companies, organizations and individuals with similar plant-based values. With an extensive marketing background, I have vast experience representing brands in digital and traditional media, as well as in person at events. If you have an idea, I’d love to hear from you!
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