Say goodbye to

dinner time stress

One vegan meal for the whole family with options for everyone

Hey busy mama,

I see you.

  • Tired of cooking several meals a night to please everyone?
  • Overwhelmed  with how to add vegan meals to your family’s menu while still meeting your non vegan family members’ needs?
  • Struggling to maintain your vegan diet because your family isn’t vegan?
  • Exhausted from the mental energy of deciding what to cook for dinner?
  • Frustrated by the amount of time you spend on meal planning and prep?

Introducing Vegan Dinner Club

The membership for vegans in non vegan families who want to 

cook one same meal for the whole family.

How it Works

1. Join the membership

Get immediate access to our plans and Recipe Library. Step-by-step help to set up and get the most of your membership is delivered straight to your inbox.

2. Review your weekly plan

New plans are delivered each Wednesday. Keep it as is or customize serving quantities or meals with other recipes in our library.

3. One meal for the whole family

Let us take the thinking out of cooking while you celebrate serving a delicious dinner that everyone loves each night.

I get it!

Getting dinner on the table can feel like a rollercoaster. That ends here.

"Just do it! I promise it will change your life in ways you could never imagine."

Jordan, family of 4
(1 vegan)

"Love the variety. It's a great routine I look forward to every week."

Julie, family of 3
(1 vegetarian)

Your path to dinner freedom includes:

One meal for the whole family

Make one meal that pleases every family’s member’s palate


  • Stop making multiple meals every night
  • Expose your family to plant-based meals while still offering options everyone wants to eat
  • Every meal has adaptions for non vegans

Done-for-you dinner plans

Never have to think about the answer to “What’s for Dinner?” again

  • No more Google and Pinterest searches to curate a weekly dinner menu
  • Family-friendly meal ideas are plant-based with easy ways to adapt for non vegans at the same time
  • A rolodex of almost 500 recipes – searchable and sorted into categories – gives you additional options dinners every week

Done-for-you prep plan

Take the thinking out of meal prep

  • Prep for success in less than 2 hours once a week
  • You don’t have to start from scratch cooking every night
  • Prep the most complicated parts of each meal in advance to streamline your weeknights

Automated grocery list

Stock your cupboards with exactly what you need to speed up dinner this week

  • Remove the dread of finding out that you are missing a key ingredient when dinner needs to be done in 25 minutes 
  • Autogenerates ingredients for all recipes in your plan for the serving size you select

Private member portal

Dinner is just a click away

  • Access from you phone, laptop or desktop computer at any time
  • Printable PDF of weekly plans, recipes & grocery list
  • 24/7 access to our dinner plan archives and growing library of almost 500 recipes 

Allergen-free meal options

Your restrictions don’t have to feel restricting

  • Substitution options for all allergens in each recipe
  • Alternatives for gluten, soy and nuts
  • Always dairy free


Ingredient Substitution Guide

  • Whether you’ve got picky eaters or are missing an ingredient, there’s no need to stress!
  • Substitutions are simple with this easy-to-reference guide with alternatives for every ingredient in our recipes

Hi there,

I'm Stephanie, a meal planning expert who specializes in plant-based cooking and feeding families with mixed dietary needs.

After going vegan overnight more than a decade ago, I spent countless hours in the kitchen struggling to feed myself and non vegan family. My signature system and routine for meal planning and prep transformed by evenings and state of mind – and they will do the same for you!

Stephanie Dreyer

Our Favorite Features

Customizable Serving Sizes

Easily change the servings for each dinner to accommodate your family.

Exportable and Printable PDF

Print the dinner menu, all recipes in the plan, and grocery list all in one each week.

Easy Digital Access

Access your plans, recipes, and grocery lists ANYWHERE from your phone, tablet or computer!

Recipe Customization

Drag and drop recipes to customize your dinner plan.

Interactive Grocery List

Remove and add items to the grocery list easily.

Meal Plan Archives & Recipe Library

On demand access to all meal plans and recipes 24/7.

The single-meal, plant-based dinner solution

with options for non-vegan family members

This is FOR you if...

  • You’re ready to commit to a weekly meal planning routine + see the results
  • You have at least one person in your home who is vegan or vegetarian
  • You cook for at least 1 other person in your household
  • You’re excited about transforming your evenings
  • You want more joy in your kitchen

This is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not open to doing things differently than you have before
  • You have no interest in adding plant-based dinners to your meal plans
  • You want to make multiple meals a night instead of 1 to feed your family
  • You want to spend countless hours a week searching for recipes 

Hear what members have to say!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vegan Dinner Club?

It's a weekly digital dinner membership that puts plant-based meals at the core of every meal while adding options for non-vegan family members.

How much does it cost to join?

It’s just $4.99 a month (less than $1.20 a week) to take the thinking out of “What’s for dinner?”

Are the recipes plant-based?

All recipes in Vegan Dinner Club use plants only — no animal products. We know you’ll love our tasty and family-approved recipes whether you eat plant-based regularly or not, but we’ve also included options for non vegans so that you can adapt the same meal for the whole family.

More Member Love

Why this membership?

  • I use the same method every week for my own family. I live and eat it every day and know it works!
  • The recipes and meal planning tips have been featured in leading publications and media outlets, including,, Parade and Thrive Global.
  • The meal plans aren’t one size fits all. I teach you how to plug them into your week so they work for your schedule.
  • The prep plans strategically select several meal components to make in 2 hours or less to speed up dinner during the week.
  • Each of the recipes include alternatives for gluten, soy, and nut allergens.
  • The recipes include storage information and other serving suggestions.
  • Every recipe includes suggestions for adapting the recipes for non vegans so you can make one meal to serve the whole family.
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