bowl of noodles topped with a stroganoff sauce and parsley leaves

Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff

There’s something comforting about noodles for dinner. Top it with a creamy sauce and it’s a weeknight winner! Our Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff has all of the traditional flavors you expect to find in this dinner favorite without the meat or dairy.

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As the weather turns colder, I am craving, hearty comfort foods. There’s something undeniably satisfying about a dish that not only fills your belly but also warms your soul. If you’re on the lookout for a plant-based twist on a classic comfort food, look no further. This tantalizing Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff recipe is full of rich flavors and creamy textures, featuring a special ingredient that takes the traditional stroganoff flavor profile to the next level.


Stroganoff, traditionally made with beef, onions, and mushrooms in a creamy sauce, has been a beloved dish for generations. I used to make it regularly the year after college and moved in with my dad and stepmom for a year. I would use a sauce made with McCormick’s seasoning packet and sour cream. If that Stephanie only knew this Stephanie then!


This plant-powered rendition introduces a key player that not only holds its own but elevates the dish to new heights—tempeh. This fermented soy-based protein adds a unique depth of flavor and hearty texture, making it a perfect substitute for meat in this classic recipe. Paired with a medley of savory mushrooms and smothered in a velvety, dairy-free inspired sauce using my Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip, this recipe leaves both vegans and meat-lovers alike craving more. Get in the kitchen and whip up this weeknight wonder that marries tradition with innovation.

bowl of mushroom stroganoff on a wood bowl in front of a colander of noodles, a bowl of sauce, mushroom stems and a bowl of salt

Why I Love This Recipe

I have always been a big fan of stroganoff. In my pre vegan days, it was a regular meal that I’d whip up for my parents when I lived at home. The decadent sauce is so easy to make and it stores really well for lunch leftovers during the week.


When I set out to veganize my traditional favorite recipe, I wanted to add a little something extra special to the sauce. My kids are HUGE fans of my Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip. With it’s creamy sour cream base, I knew it would be the perfect “wow” factor to add to this dish.

Ingredients & Substitutions for Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff


Sauteed with butter and garlic, the tempeh is crumbled to give the texture and composition of ground beef. This one is my favorite.

Cremini Mushrooms

You can’t have stroganoff without mushrooms! These are sliced and caramelized with the tempeh to add lots of earthy flavor.

Vegan Beef Broth

My go-to brand for this ingredient is “Better than Bouillon.” It adds depth to the sauce and the overall flavor profile of the dish. 

Balsamic Vinegar and vegan Worcestershire Sauce

These two condiments add tanginess and umami to the recipe. (Make sure your Worcestershire sauce is vegan.)

Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip

This is the secret ingredient that makes this recipe that much more special and daresay “extra”!


Swap traditional egg noodles for a vegan dry pasta such as rotini for the stroganoff’s base.


In the case of a soy allergy, use a soy free tempeh such as black bean or tempeh.

For a lighter and more traditional stroganoff, swap the Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip with vegan Greek yogurt.

How to Make Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff

  1. Boil your pasta.

    Cook your noodles according to the package directions.

  2. Caramelize the tempeh and mushrooms.

    In a large skillet, saute the tempeh and mushrooms in garlic and vegan butter.

  3. Make the sauce.

    Stir in the flour, broth, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. Stir in the tempeh and mushrooms.

  4. Add the secret ingredient.

    Fold in the Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip.

  5. Serve.

    Spoon the sauce over the cooked noodles and garnish with fresh parsley and thyme.

bowl of mushroom stroganoff on a wood board in front of a small bowl of noodles

Meal Prep & Storage Tips

    • Prep Ingredients in Advance:
        • Cube the tempeh, slice the mushrooms, and chop the onions and garlic ahead of time. Store them separately in airtight containers in the refrigerator.


    • Make the Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip Ahead:
        • Prep and store the dip in the refrigerator until ready to stir into the sauce.



    • Prepare Extra Pasta:
        • Make extra noodles to accompany the stroganoff. Store them separately.



    • Use Airtight Containers for Storage
        • Store the fully cooked Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff in airtight containers for 3-5 days.

What to Serve with Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff

Roasted Vegetables

Roast vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli or Brussels sprouts simply with olive oil, chopped garlic, salt and pepper for an easy side dish.


Mixed Green Salad

Drizzle crisp greens with a lemon vinaigrette. Add sliced tomatoes, or cucumbers for crunch.


Bread or rolls

Serve alongside a crusty baguette, dinner rolls, or garlic bread for soaking up the delicious sauce.

bowl of mushroom stroganoff on a wood board in front of a colander of noodles


What is tempeh and why is it used in stroganoff?

Tempeh is a fermented soy product that provides a hearty, nutty flavor and a firm texture. It's used in stroganoff as a plant-based protein substitute for meat, adding depth and nutrition to the dish.

Can I use other types of mushrooms?

Absolutely! Feel free to use your favorite mushrooms or a mix of varieties like cremini, shiitake, or portobello. Different mushrooms add various flavors and textures to the stroganoff.

Can I make this dish gluten free?

Yes, just swap gluten-free flour and pasta for the traditional varieties.

Can I make Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff ahead of time?

Yes, you can prepare components like the vegetables or Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip in advance. However, it's recommended to cook and combine the ingredients just before serving to maintain optimal texture and flavor.

How do I store leftovers?

Store leftover stroganoff in airtight containers in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. For longer storage, freeze in individual portions. Thaw in the refrigerator before reheating.

What's the best way to serve Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff?

Serve the stroganoff over pasta, rice, or alongside mashed potatoes (or cauliflower). Garnish with fresh parsley.
@thestephaniedreyer There’s something comforting about noodles for dinner. Top it with a creamy sauce and it’s a weeknight winner…perfect for a Valentine’s dinner in! This Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff has all of the traditional flavors you expect to find in this dinner favorite without the meat or dairy. Head over to for the full recipe. #vegandinners #veganstroganoff #mushroomstroganoff #weeknightwonders #veganrecipes #vegandinnerclub #veganinanonveganfamily #veganvalentinesday #veganvalentinesdinner ♬ Undertone - Luke Williams
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Bowl of pasta with mushroom sauce on top of it on a wood cutting board

Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff

  • Author: Stephanie Dreyer
  • Total Time: 35 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x
  • Diet: Vegan


There’s something comforting about noodles for dinner. Top it with a creamy sauce and it’s a weeknight winner! Our Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff has all of the traditional flavors you expect to find in this dinner favorite without the meat or dairy


  • 1/2 pound of your favorite regular or gluten-free pasta
  • 4 Tbsp vegan butter, divided (or vegetable broth)
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 16 oz tempeh
  • 8 oz cremini mushrooms, thinly sliced
  • coarse salt, to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose or gluten-free flour
  • 1 cup vegan beef broth
  • 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp vegan Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 cup Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip
  • 2 tsp fresh thyme
  • 1/4 cup Italian flat leaf parsley


  1. Make the pasta: Prepare the pasta according to package directions. Drain, reserving ½ cup of the pasta water.
  2. Cook the tempeh and mushrooms: Meanwhile, in a large skillet over medium-high heat, add 2 tablespoons of butter (or vegetable broth). When the butter is melted, add the garlic and crumble in the tempeh. Add the mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook for about 10 minutes until the tempeh and mushrooms are browned and slightly caramelized. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. Make a roux: In the same skillet over medium-high heat, add the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter (or vegetable broth). Once the butter is melted, whisk in the all-purpose flour.
  4. Make the sauce: Whisk in the vegan beef broth, balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and remove from the heat. Stir in the cooked tempeh and mushrooms.
  5. Finish the sauce: Stir in the Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip. Pour in the reserved pasta water ¼ cup at a time to thin the sauce to your preference. Taste and season with salt and pepper as needed.
  6. Serve: Toss the sauce with the pasta and garnish with Italian flat leaf parsley and fresh thyme.


  • Ditch the oil: Replace the Caramelized Onion Dip with vegan Greek yogurt.
  • Spoiler Alert: Tempeh Mushroom Stroganoff is best eaten when served but will stay fresh in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for 3 days.
  • Soy Allergy? Use a soy free tempeh.
  • Gluten Allergy? Use a gluten-free flour and pasta.
  • For non vegans: Reserve a portion of the sauce and stir in cooked ground beef.
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Category: Main Meals
  • Method: Stovetop
  • Cuisine: American

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