Easy Vegan Gazpacho

I love gazpacho any time of year but it’s even more delicious around May when the tomatoes are beautifully in season. My recipe below is super simple and tastes even better with heirloom tomatoes. Top with chopped avocado and cucumber before serving. Photo: Canva

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Tofu Salsa Verde

I’m fairly new to the world of pressure cooking. I’ve become a fast fan of my Breville Fast Slow Pro! As a working mama with three meals to get on the table every day, this handy dandy appliance takes prep and cook times down to under 15  minutes. It’s my secret weapon on busy evenings

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Rainbow Minestrone Soup

Experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do! I didn’t intend to create a recipe when I was making this Rainbow Minestrone Soup. I was just “playing” at my stove, craving something warm and cozy. I threw a bunch of veggies together that sounded good and voila! This recipe

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This Vegan Beef and Bean Chili is kicking with flavor! Packed with 3 types of beans and Beyond Meat's plant-based protein, this hearty chili satisfies!!

Vegan Beef and Bean Chili

This Vegan Beef and Bean Chili is hearty and kicking with flavor! Loaded with 3 kinds of beans, and two types of Beyond Meat, (one of my favorite plant-based proteins), this chili satisfies! Make a big pot on Sunday and eat it all week long. I like my chili smoky, so I started with some

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The seasoned jackfruit is delicious on its own. I might make a batch in the future and use some of it in burritos or spooned over rice. I use two forks to shred it apart, which reminds me of what my mom used to do when she'd make shredded chicken for enchiladas. Yep, definitely going to have to try an enchilada recipe with the jackfruit!

Jackfruit Noodle Soup

This Jackfruit Noodle Soup recipe is the product of a lot of testing! I have been experimenting with jackfruit for about a year, ever since it started popping up in vegan recipes. Back then, I had to order it online. Today, you can find it at Trader Joe’s! Jackfruit is a fast-growing tropical Asian tree related

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Easy Bean Soup

Easy Bean Soup

This bean soup is one of my favorites and it pairs nicely with a light salad.  It is hearty, healthy, and packed full of protein with its wonderful medley of beans.  I use cannellini, kidney, black-eyed peas, black, garbanzo, lentils, and pinto in my mix. I like to top mine with a few fresh baby

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Slow Cooker Vegan Chili

Slow Cooker Vegan Chili

I love my slow cooker.  It makes cooking so easy – just pour all the ingredients into the pot in the morning and have a home cooked meal in the evening without any work or fuss.  I like to break out my crock pot on those days when I have back-to-back commitments all day, and

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Lentil Tomato Soup

Lentil Tomato Soup

Although our winter has been fleeting here in sunny Southern California, we have had a few cooler days here recently.  I always crave a warm cup of soup during those times and was inspired to reinvent an old non-vegan favorite. This Lentil Tomato soup is loaded with sweet tomatoes. The cumin and thyme flavors give it

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