This Vegan Beef and Bean Chili is kicking with flavor! Packed with 3 types of beans and Beyond Meat's plant-based protein, this hearty chili satisfies!!

Vegan Beef and Bean Chili

This Vegan Beef and Bean Chili is hearty and kicking with flavor! Loaded with 3 kinds of beans, and two types of Beyond Meat, (one of my favorite plant-based proteins), this chili satisfies! Make a big pot on Sunday and eat it all week long. I like my chili smoky, so I started with some

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This plant-based Taco Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe is reminiscent of the flavors of Fall with the spicy taste of Taco Tuesday! #vegan #dairyfree #meatless

Taco Stuffed Acorn Squash

Fall is here and I am loving the varieties of squash that greet me at my local Trader Joe’s. Just seeing those unique shaped beauties puts me in a fall state of mind. I didn’t particularly like squash when I was kid. I mean, it’s scary looking, and the texture can be off-putting to picky

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Kale Harvest Grains Salad

Kale Harvest Grains Salad

We’ve had a few cooler days the last week or so and although, I am not quite ready to give up summer, my body has been craving heartier salads than the usual bowls I tend to throw together. The Harvest Grains blend from Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite side dishes, but I was

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The Perfect Lentil Burger

I have worked and worked to create the perfect lentil burger. I have tasted and tried dozens of other people’s lentil burgers, studying their methods and scrutinizing their ingredients list. I started experimenting with my own recipe creations for the perfect lentil burger over a year ago. I have had many fails. They were flavorless, or fell apart too easily. They were too fussy to make. I couldn’t get the seasoning blend right. Finally, I think I did it. To me, this lentil burger is perfect.

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