bowl of cubed tofu and sweet potatoes and cauliflower florets topped with Buffalo sauce, avocado and bleu cheese

Buffalo Tofu Sweet Potato Bowls

Crispy, oven-baked tofu bites generously coated in zesty buffalo sauce, nestled atop a bed of tender roasted sweet potato cubes and a tangy coleslaw. These Buffalo Tofu Sweet Potato Bowls are a symphony of flavor and texture in every forkful. Table of Contents These bowls came together as a fun experiment in the kitchen. I’m spicy challenged […]

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bowl with broccoli and tempeh on a counter surrounded by chopped romaine and kale with a bowl of Caesar dressing behind it

Tempeh & Broccoli Caesar Grain Bowl

Roasted and seasoned tempeh and broccoli sit atop a bed of quinoa, romaine and massaged kale, chopped cucumbers, and avocado. Everything is drizzled with our Creamy Vegan Caesar Dressing and a scattering of Everything Bagel seasoning for a grain bowl that will rock your taste buds! Table of Contents   These grain bowls are going to rock your

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Tofu Salsa Verde

I’m fairly new to the world of pressure cooking. I’ve become a fast fan of my Breville Fast Slow Pro! As a working mama with three meals to get on the table every day, this handy dandy appliance takes prep and cook times down to under 15  minutes. It’s my secret weapon on busy evenings

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