Dinner is


Get 12 months of done-for-you dinner plans.

Take the thinking out of

"What's for dinner?"


  • End the struggle of figuring out what to make for dinner


  • Stop the search for recipes that work for everyone in your family


  • Gain back hours from not having to research or plan meals

What you get

12 Dinner Plans

Never have to think about what’s for dinner


  • One for each month
  • Created with the seasonal time of year in mind

52 Weeks of Meals

I’ve done the planning for you


  • A plant-based recipe or meal idea every day
  • One dinner for each day in the month
sheet pan of roasted vegetables with an iPad on top of it with a list of meal ideas

Exclusive Vegan Dinner Club Recipes & Resources

Get support with some of my most coveted tools


  • Links to my most popular meal planning downloads
  • Featured recipes from my membership library

My Family Favorites System

Learn how to create a running list of dinner winners


  • A how-to guide to create your own 
  • Meal ideas to add to your list
Table setting with an iPade and food

Tips for Repurposing Leftovers

So you don’t have to cook every night


  • Cook once, eat twice
  • Suggestions for leftover “makeovers”

Suggestions for Picky Eaters and Non Vegans

Feed everyone with the same meal


  • Meal ideas to please everyone
  • Plant-core meals with the whole family in mind

Hi there,

I'm Stephanie, a meal planning expert who specializes in plant-based cooking and feeding families with mixed dietary needs.

After going vegan overnight more than a decade ago, I spent countless hours in the kitchen struggling to feed myself and non vegan family. My signature system and routine for meal planning and prep transformed by evenings and state of mind. Get a taste of it with 365 Days of Dinners.

Stephanie Dreyer

Why You Need This!

  • Never have to think about what to cook for dinner again.


  • Simplify your dinner process.


  • Get new recipes that can accommodate picky eaters and non vegans with the same meal.


  • Spend less money at the grocery store when you plan your meals ahead of time.


  • Personalize your weekly plan with a list of go-to family favorites that you can rotate.


  • Cook less and eat more by reusing your leftovers.


  • Enjoy more homemade meals with your family.


  • Spend less time thinking about and making dinner.


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