As a Jewish convert, I always go big for Hanukkah because I was raised with Christmas and have an innate enthusiasm for the holiday season!! In my household, that means lots of glittery blue and silver decorations, 8 presents (1 for each night), and a different evening celebration where we light the menorah. Eight crazy nights means lots and lots of latkes!

If you are new to latkes, allow me to introduce you…they are delicious, fried potato pancakes traditionally served with applesauce and sour cream. I make a huge batch the weekend before Hanukkah and freeze them to eat all week long.

You can make traditional latkes or mix things up with sweet potato latkes. I have even seen beet and Brussels sprouts latkes!

They taste amazing plain and simple with a dollop of dairy-free sour cream (or applesauce if you prefer), there are so many other delicious ways to eat latkes. After many years and latke competitions (yes, that’s a thing with my Jew crew!), my latke game is strong!

Below are some of my favorite ways to eat latkes!

1. Dairy-Free Latke Grilled Cheese

Ummm….yum! Potatoes and cheese are a match made in tummy heaven. After you fry the latkes, top with a square or two of your favorite cheese or a tablespoon of your favorite vegan cheese spread. Sandwich together with a latke on top.

2. Chip and Dip Latkes

This is one of my favorite latke recipes. (I don’t want to brag, but they might have won me a trophy during one of our annual latke competitions.) Pair latkes with your favorite dip and you’ve got a tasty snack!

3. Bagel Latke

Switch out your bagel for a latke and you’ve got a lagel! Spread dairy-free cream cheese (my fave is Kite Hill chive), top with a tomato slice, capers, and my new favorite spread: Miyoko’s Kitchen Unlox Your Dreams. Oy, that sounds delicious!

4. Latke Nachos

This recipe has it all: dairy-free nacho “cheese” sauce, lime crema, and avocado…you may never have nachos without latkes again!

5. Breakfast Sandwich

Latkes are basically hashbrowns, so why not top your English muffin with a latke and a few spoonfuls of tofu scramble for a delicious way to start the day?

6. Taco Latkes

This is the perfect meal on Taco Tuesday during Hanukkah. Treat your latke like a tostada and top it with your favorite taco fixings. Delicioso!

7. Fish & Chip Latkes

Cook up some Gardein fishless fillets, slice and add a dollop of Follow Your Heart’s tartar sauce. These are kid approved but adults will love them too!

8. DIY Mediterranean Latke Bar

Create a stress-free buffet for your next Hanukkah party. Set out platters of different types of latkes, along with assorted Greek dips and toppings: hummus, baba ganoush, tzaziki, tabbouleh and kalamata olives.

If Greek’s not your thing, have fun with other toppings and sauces of your choice. Have fun and enjoy the party while everyone makes their own creations.

9. Pizza Latkes

These are a fun twist on the English Muffin pizzas the kids love to make. Spread a little pizza sauce on top of the latke, sprinkle with dairy-free mozzarella or Parm, and sprinkle with a touch of basil chiffonade.

10. Latke Sliders

These latkes are the bomb and quite possibly one of my favorite ways to eat laktes! A crispy latke topped with a vegan slider made with Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger, topped with a dollop of Follow Your Heart’s Thousand Island Dressing and a Bubbie’s pickle. Perfection!

Who else is eating latkes this week? Tell me your favorite way to eat them in the comments below.

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