On these warm summer nights, the last thing I want to do is cook! To keep things simple and easy, I turn to fresh vegetables and finger foods to help me get a homemade meal on the table for my family. By the nature of finger foods, the meals are fun and interactive. You can lay out everything family style in the middle of the table and let your crew go to town, putting together their own plate however they like it!  Below are five of my favorite no cook family meals.

1. Raw tacos

Use your food processor to pulse walnuts and taco seasoning together for a crunchy filling. For another option, drain a can of beans and corn, and mix together with lime juice and taco seasoning. Add fresh chopped vegetables, avocado or guacamole and salsa. Instead of fried taco shells, use romaine leaves.

2. Lettuce Wraps

Cube baked tofu (I love the teriyaki flavor from Trader Joe’s), and toss with shredded carrots, cabbage and green onions. Add snow peas or edamame for additional green fun! Stir it all together with a drizzle of your favorite Asian ginger or teriyaki dressing (such as Soyaki). Serve alongside iceberg lettuce leaves, peanuts, and sesame seeds.


No Cook Family Meals

3. Zucchini Noodles and Sauce

My spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. You can have dinner on the table in 10 minutes by spiralizing a few zucchini and heating up a store-bought marinara or pesto sauce.

4. Spring Rolls

My kids love making spring rolls. Slice, julienne or chop your family’s favorite vegetables on a cutting board, along with strips of seasoned tofu or shelled edamame, if you’d like. Wet rice paper, layer on the veggies and roll. Serve with your favorite store-bought dipping sauce.

No Cook Family Meals

5. Snack Platter

This is my favorite way to eat on long summer days. I put out a cutting board (or two) full of fruits, veggies, crackers, dairy-free cheese, nuts, and dips (olive tapenade, garlic sauce, hummus). Everyone can pick off the boards directly as they run around outside, or make a plate and lounge while they eat. It is the ultimate summer lazy meal!

What is your family’s favorite no-cook meal? I’d love to know in the comments below.

No Cook Family Meals

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