As much as I love trying out new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, I have a list of meals I make over and over again each month. I call it my “family’s favorites” list. Each person gives me their top meal selects and I keep a running list (and add to it whenever I have a winner). This is my go-to list and I reference it each week when I do my weekly meal planning.

I plug those meals into the busier days during my week when meal prep is more challenging. Using a choice from this list of meals I make over and over speeds things up since I’m comfortable with the prep and familiar with the ingredients and timing. I might change things up with a different side salad or veg, but the main entree is a meal that my family loves and expects.

I balance these favorite meals with a few new ones to keep our menus fresh. I also crave the variety of cooking new dishes so the mix of old and new is a nice balance for my creativity and schedule. Read on below for the meals I make over and over again — and then, be sure to share the meals you make frequently for your family in the comments at the end of this post.

10 Meals I Make Over and Over

1. Tacos

Taco Tuesday is a thing in my house! I really like the idea of using themes to plan my menus and this is one that makes it on my meal plan every week. My kids are creatures of habit so they’ve come to expect my Vegan Beef and Black Bean filling, but I’ve also made a Soyrizo and Potato mixture with delicious reviews.

2. Chili

Whether it’s a chili bowl, chili potatoes, or chili tots, my family loves their chili. I mix it up a lot of different ways but it always starts with either a pot of my homemade Vegan Beef and Bean Chili or a couple of cans of Trader Joe’s vegetarian chili.

Meals I Make Over and Over

3. Vegetable Sushi Bowls

Sushi bowls (or rolls) makes the menu for lunch or dinner every other week. I usually serve it with Trader Joe’s frozen vegetable gyoza. My kids LOVE this meal and I love what a great way it is to get vegetables in their stomachs!

4. Enchiladas

We celebrate Shabbat every Friday night and I always try to make something special for the occasion. I usually fall back on some type of enchiladas at least twice during the month. They are so quick to throw together with canned refried beans and jarred tomatillo salsa; or I’ll roast a big patch of potatoes earlier in the week and reserve some for my Black Bean & Potato Enchiladas.

Meals I Make Over and Over

5. Noodle Stir Fry

This Tofu Stir Fry is so simple and delicious that it’s hard not to make this every week! My kids love soba noodles so I can bribe them to eat their veggies with the promise of more noodles!

6. Pasta!

Whether I’m serving a DIY Pasta Bar, some kind of casserole, or a pasta toss with some version of this sauce, pasta is usually on my menu once a week. It’s a family favorite and a comfort food for this half Italiana!

7. Mixed Grill

This is one of  my easy go-to meals for Friday Shabbats or Sunday evenings. I marinate and cook tofu for me and Gaby, while my hubby prepares chicken for himself and my other two kids. I roast potatoes and some other kind of vegetable and serve it alongside some salad I’ve bookmarked on Pinterest.

8. Beyond Meat Burgers

Burgers make the menu once a month (I usually rotate some kind of sandwich / burger into our meal plans twice a month.) Burger bars are always fun and a hit (especially when served with fries!).

9. Pizza

Sometimes it’s a frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s and a simple side salad. Other times, it’s a DIY pizza station where everyone gets to make their own or these fun vegan Pizza Rolls. Caesar Salad is a favorite in our house so I usually make some kind of variation to keep things interesting. It’s also a built-in opportunity to expose my kids to more vegetables. I recently made a Brussels Sprouts Caesar that I swear they only ate because of the Caesar dressing!

Meals I Make Over and Over

10. Soup

Sunday is batch cook day and you better believe that I’ve always got a pot of some kind of soup on the stove or in my Breville Fast Slow Pro. I save it for a day in the week that I have no time to meal prep and eat the leftovers all week long for lunch. I serve the soup with ciabatta bread and a simple side salad.

And there you have it: the 10 meals that I make over and over each week! What makes your meal plans every month? I’d love to hear what your family loves to eat. Please share in the comments below.

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Meals I Make Over and Over


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