Dinner’s ready! For the last two weeks, I have been sharing resources and strategies to help you with your dinner meal planning. First, I shared strategies for deciding what to make for dinner, and last week, I shared 8 ways to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. Today, I have rounded up some of my favorite experts to share their best meal planning tips for dinner. They have some great ideas, so take note! I hope they go a long way in helping you plan your family’s dinners so that you can easily and joyfully proclaim, “Dinner’s ready!”

Read on and let me know which of these dinner meal planning tips is your favorite.

Dinner Meal Planning Tips

“While it’s fun to experiment with recipes, keep most meals very simple. Focus on foods your family already loves, and build around these items. For instance, if you all love potatoes, pair with baked beans or a wholesome veggie burger. Or, top with beans, veg, and guacamole or plant-based cheese for loaded spuds! If pasta is a favorite, add cooked lentils to your pasta sauce, or a heaping amount of sauteed veg. There are ways to ‘amp up’ easy-prep meals for variety and also satiety. Keep it simple through the week, then have some fun with new recipes when time is more flexible.”

– Dreena Burton, best-selling cookbook author and founder of Plant-Powered Kitchen


 “I like to make something that is customizable so that everyone enjoys it. For example, tacos are great for letting each person choose their own toppings.”

– Amy Katz from Veggies Save The Day


“Take some time to do your food prep each weekend. That way, when it’s dinnertime during the week, you’ve already got a soup, sauce, and some chopped veggies ready to go – making it much easier to put a healthy meal together in a snap!”

– Tess Challis, author, vegan chef and wellness coach


“I’d say my biggest tip for a fast family dinner is freezing sauces. Whenever I make sauce, whether it be marinara, pesto, my cauliflower Alfredo, I always make plenty of extra so I can freeze it in small portions. That way I can use however I like in a variety of recipes.

– Leslie Durso vegan chef


“Have weekly menus that you cycle through every month. It takes the guessing out of what to make for dinner and helps streamline grocery shopping and prep time.”

– Michelle de la Penna, owner of Michy’s Foods 

(Download a free meal plan menu HERE.)

Dinner Meal Planning Tips

“Build around one or two ingredients. For example, if you build around chickpeas and sweet potatoes, you can prep those two things at the beginning of the week and then make a quick, easy, and different meal for each night. You could make a curry, tacos, a Buddha bowl, and more out of those two ingredients.”

– Linda and Alex from Veganosity

Special shout out and thank you to all of the wonderful experts above for sharing your knowledge!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Which of these tips is your favorite? For more dinner help, sign up for my free newsletter.

Dinner Meal Planning Tips

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