It’s not a party without a cheese platter so I’m showing you my favorites in this vegan holiday cheese guide!

I was a huge cheese eater before going vegan.  As a former vegetarian for five years, I swore I could never go vegan because I could not give up cheese.

Soon thereafter, I learned about the atrocities of dairy farming (organic does not mean humane either, folks) and the realities of forced impregnation and lactation on mommy cows while their babies are stolen from them.  After that, saying goodbye to dairy was easy peasy.  I don’t ever want to be a part of that – no matter how good the cheese tastes.

I made the sacrifice, acknowledging that my snack platters would no longer include cheese. That was until recently, when an abundance of dairy-free artisan cheese options have become widely available at mainstream grocery retailers such as Ralph’s, Vons, Whole Foods, and Lazy Acres.  The demand for delectable, natural vegan cheeses is on the rise and artisan cheesemakers are responding with delicious products.  With this emergence of plant-based cheese options, my only struggle is which one to choose!

Of course, I have my favorites and go-to’s (I love you Miyoko’s Kitchen!) but when it comes to the holidays, I like to mix it up and splurge. In my opinion, the best cheese platters offer variety not only in flavor, but also in texture. You want a balanced combination of soft and hard cheeses with a mix of pungent and mild tastes.

It's not a party in my book without a cheese platter so check out this Vegan Holiday Cheese Guide for some of my favorites for celebrating the season.

A winning spread also needs colors and textures. That’s where crudite and crackers come in. What’s cheese without something to spread it on! I’m partial to veggies over crackers for spreading because it means I can eat more cheese!!

When it comes to selecting which cheese brands and varieties to add to your platter, good luck! With so many to choose from, it’s no easy task. Read on for some of my favorites.

My Vegan Holiday Cheese Guide

Miyoko’s Kitchen 

Hands down, this is the best cheese I have ever had – dairy or not.  Miyoko is constantly evolving it’s offerings, including its latest Roadhouse cheeses.  My favorite varieties include Herbs de Provence Smoked Farmhouse, Sun-dried Tomato, Double Cream Chive, and French Style Winter Truffle. There is literally something for every occasion.

My vegan holiday cheese guide picks:

Smoked Mozzarella: This ball of smoky goodness tastes amazing sliced and layered on mini toasts or vegetables, but for even more holiday fun, melt it like fondue and serve with bread cubes for dipping.

Cheers to Cheddah: This cheese spread makes a great holiday cheese ball. Just scoop it out of the container, mold into a ball and cover it with sliced almonds. Chill until ready to serve.

It's not a party in my book without a cheese platter so check out this Vegan Holiday Cheese Guide for some of my favorites for celebrating the season.

Kite Hill

The almond based creations and spreads from this company can stand alone on any cheese plate, but they also are perfect for sprinkling on salads, pizzas and pastas.

My vegan holiday cheese guide picks:

Chive Cream Cheese Style Spread: This schmear looks and taste decadent in an endive leaf or on a mini toast.

Ricotta: This is SO good. It’s salty and crumbly, pairing perfectly with pomegranates and cranberries in sprinkled in salads or spread on crostini.

Yvonne’s Kitchen

Yvonne is local in the Los Angeles. recently starting selling several of her products (which also include cookies, cheesecake and crackers) but you can also be ordered directly through her website. She offers local delivery to Orange County and Los Angeles

My vegan holiday cheese guide pick:

Goatless Cheese: This cashew-based log is the best dairy-free substitute I’ve tasted for goat cheese. It’s super festive, topped with dried cranberry and dill. Pair with her Superfood Crackers for a delicious addition to your holiday platter.

It's not a party in my book without a cheese platter so check out this Vegan Holiday Cheese Guide for some of my favorites for celebrating the season.

Treeline Cheese

I love each of these soft, French-style nut cheeses. They are creamy and spreadable and make a beautiful display with vegetables and crackers. They also have two aged nut cheeses that are firm and tangy (great for slicing on a cheese board).

My vegan holiday cheese guide picks:

Herb-Garlic French-Style Soft Nut Cheese: This is my favorite of their spreadables. So tangy and scrumptious!

Cracked Pepper Aged Nut Cheese: This is one of their hard cheeses. It makes for a beautiful presentation with herb crackers.


Do you have a favorite dairy-free cheese not on this list? I’d love to hear what you’re serving on your holiday platters! Tell me in the comments below.

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