Batch Cooking Starter Guide

Do you need help with meal prep? Batch cooking saves you hours in prep and cooking time during the week. As a busy, working mama, batch prep makes my time in the kitchen more efficient during the week, allowing me to get dinner on the table quicker and with less effort, lunches packed in less time and breakfast served with almost no cooking involved. 

Batch cooking means preparing food in large quantities over the period of two to three hours (usually on the weekend) to eat later in the week. It also includes cooking a series of ingredients or recipes ahead of time and storing for later.  

In a perfect batch cooking world, you would meal plan and prepare your grocery list together once during the week (for example, on Thursday), grocery shop once on another day (for example, Friday) and reserve time on Saturday or Sunday to batch cook several things for the week.  

The foods you decide to batch cook depend upon what’s in your your weekly menu. Prep dressings, sauces, veggies, snacks and grains ahead of time to make packing lunch boxes and preparing dinners streamlined and effortless.  

Get started with batch cooking with my free Batch Cooking Starter Guide that includes:

  • What to batch cook
  • How to get started
  • Stocking your pantry
  • A one-week batch cooking plan
  • Eight plant-based, family recipes

Before batch cooking, I was overwhelmed and frustrated in the kitchen. I love to cook but all the joy was being sucked out by the demands to satisfy my family’s various preferences and the time constraints of a busy mom life. After I discovered and fine tuned my meal planning process and prioritized batch cooking, my mealtimes became fun and happy again. The joy and creativity I used to experience in the kitchen came back too! I know if batch cooking can bring more ease to my life, it can to yours too.

For more help learning how and what to batch cook, check out the video below that shares:

  • A list of foods to batch cook every week and why
  • Stock your pantry checklist
  • 4 steps to get you started batch cooking 
  • 5 batch cook recipes and an accompanying meal plan with 3 more recipes that use those batch cook recipes

And don’t forget to download a free copy of my Batch Cooking Starter Guide here.

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