The kids are back in school…and with it it comes the dinner rush. If you’re like me, you need a back-to-school dinner plan stat! My girls have only been back a few days and Jake starts Wednesday but I’m already missing the blissful laziness that accompanied my dinner prep over the summer. I’d finish work and leisurely stroll downstairs from my office and leash Jag. We’d take a long walk wherever it took us before returning home. I’d put on some music and prep dinner with no timeline to stick to. The mood was chill and everyone was relaxed!

It’s just days into the school year and the scene at home is a whole other scenario. After work, I now rush downstairs to pick up the kids and shuttle them to activities. When I get home, it’s focus, focus, focus to prep and cook dinner in between more pick up / drop offs to activities. In the midst of all this, I’m now helping with homework instead of listening to my cooking tunes.  Sigh. Can anyone else relate?

Summer days may be over but I’m not ready to give up the peace in my kitchen and around my table. If you’re new to my site, you may not know that I cook healthy, plant-based meals every day for just about every meal for my non-vegan family. I accomplish this not so easy feat with grace and style (or so I try to!) with my weekly meal plans. My weekly planning includes planning on Thursday, grocery shopping on Friday or Saturday and batch cooking on Sunday. I schedule it into my calendar. I couldn’t get homemade healthy meals on the table without this “magic” formula.

With school back in session, I thought it would be fun to share a special back-to-school meal plan. My weekly family meal plans include breakfast and lunches, but today I am focusing on dinner. I am keeping things fun with interactive recipes like DIY pizzas, bowls, and a burger bar so everyone can customize their meal (one of my secrets to pleasing everyone in the family).

The Recipes

Monday: Veggie Sushi Bowls (I serve these with veggie potstickers from Trader Joe’s. The whole meal takes 20 minutes to prep and serve.)

Try this back-to-school meal plan and recipes and have dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less each night. The fun, interactive recipes include lots of kid favorites.

Tuesday: Vegan Beef and Black Bean Tacos (Sometimes I swap out the “beef” with corn for a change. I make homemade pico de gallo and guacamole for serving. Don’t forget the tortilla chips!)

Wednesday: Leftovers (I always build one day of leftovers into my weekly plan, and it’s always on a day when I am short on time to cook.)

Thursday: Vegan Beef & Bean Chili (Batch cook this on Sunday).

Please prepare an hour presentation on the two subjects listed above. I. Highlights for 2017 a. What did we achieve b. What did we learn? (Best practices and failures) c. What would we do differently and how? II. Key trends a. What are the latest trends? (Respective to your industry & functions) i. Please evaluate around luxury brands vs mass b. How could we implement efficiently and with a lean strategy?

Friday: DIY pizzas (I buy dough and sauce from Trader Joe’s with everyone’s favorite toppings. Follow Your Heart’s Parmesan shreds is my go-to vegan cheese). I serve it with a big vegan Italian chopped salad (garbanzo beans, tomatoes. pepperoncinis, cucumber, romaine, and olives or capers).

Saturday: Dine out

Sunday: Burger Bar with Beyond Burger Hamburgers and French fries

Let me know what you think of this back-to-school meal plan in the comments below. Let me know if you’d like to see more!

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