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Family Fun With Our Animal Friends

Explore a different way to view the food on your plate, the clothes in your closet and the products in your home through the fun facts and charming illustrations in my Amazon best-selling and award-winning books, Not A Nugget and Not A Purse.


Explore alternatives to the many ways animals are worn or used at home in this fun sequel to Not A Nugget.



Introduce your kids and family to veganism through this award-winning, non-fiction picture book.


Rave Reviews

Mayim Bialik, Emmy award nominated actress/neuroscientist/mom and vegan advocate:

“This book is the perfect way to introduce veganism to small children in a non judgmental and non threatening way. Animals are our friends, not food – of course! Stephanie Dreyer has created a beautiful book which is also a lovely teaching tool!“

Heather Bell and Jenny Engel, Owners of Spork Foods:

“Not A Purse is an excellent way to teach our children to be compassionate, thoughtful,
and kind-hearted. We think it’s a must for any parent.”

Chloé Jo Davis, Founder/ Editor of GirlieGirl Army: Your Glamazon Guide to Green & Cruelty-Free Living:

“Not A Purse is the truth we should never hold back from our children – that animals skin, fur, and feathers are certainly not ours to wear. This very basic concept of non-harming is glossed over by most parents who shuttle their kids off to school wearing shoes made of baby cows and jackets with fur hoods covered in the bodies of what are essentially tiny dogs. Kids hearts know better – this book confirms their instincts towards kindness and justice and helps guide them on a path towards compassion. Non-vegan kids will be surprised to find out what they are wearing, and that’s even more of a reason to share it with them!“

Gina Ferraraccio, Founder of Cri de Coeur:

“Not A Purse is the only book I’ve ever seen that actually educates children (and adults) about how animals are used in our everyday lives, many times without us even realizing. Like who knew whales were used in perfume production?? My kids instantly realized that all the animals in the illustrations just wanted to be free and live their own lives! Definitely recommended reading.“

Heather Bell and Jenny Engel, Co-Owners of Spork Foods:

“Not A Nugget is a wonderful book to get children thinking differently about animals and their food. We love the connections that author, Stephanie Dreyer, makes between animals and ourselves, encouraging kids to make kinder choices about what they eat. This beautiful book is a fun and playful way to introduce children and families to veganism.“

Fun, free downloads!

Animal Masks
Print and cut out your favorite animal and read along in character!


Valentine’s Day Cards
Spread the love with these sweet animal notes.


Activity Kits

Explore plant-based eating with these free activity kits for grades K-5.

Grades K-2 Reading and Language Arts


Grades 3-5 Reading and Language Arts


Grades K-5 Nutrition


Grades 3-5 Science


Grades K-2 Science


Invite me to speak
your next event!

My customizable, 30-minute school visits are ideal for Kindergartners through 3rd graders.

My interactive presentations show children how small changes can make a big difference in living healthier.  

Including props and audience participation, my goal for each author visit is to give kids information to live kinder and healthier each day.

Each author visit includes:

  1. Author reading of Not A Nugget and / or Not A Purse
  2. Kindness pledge (Every child receives one to take home)
  3. Question and answer session with the author

Optional additions:

Food demonstration for a healthy, plant-based snack (with take-home recipe cards)

PowerPoint presentation of the book(s) to be projected during author reading

Book Stephanie!